Sunday, April 24, 2016

Creating a Ritual

In this blog post I will outline the steps for creating a ritual. This will only go up to the point right before the circle is cast to start the ritual.

This was past to me while I was in coven studying Wicca. It is not limited to Wiccan though.

Lets get started.

Several Weeks Before The Ritual

1. Meet with the others who will be involved in the ritual. This will be those in the community or coven members.
2. Come to an agreement about what the intent of the ritual will be and come up with a general outline.
3. Determine the gathering time and the ritual start time. The gathering time should be at least 2 hours prior to the actual ritual start to go over any fine points.
4. Write out the parts that members need to have memorized if that is going to be required.
5. Select the chants; choose the times for drumming; determine who will lead the chants and the dance.
6. The list says to appoint a High Priest and High Priestess, if you are in coven these will already be in place. Not every ritual will require the presence of a High Priest or High Priestess.
7. Create a list of supplies that will be needed for the ritual. Assign who will be getting which items. Examples - Candles, Incense, Offerings, etc.
8. Decide on the cakes and ale.
9. Determine who will be invited to the ritual and how you will invite them and tell them about the ritual. Who is invited will be determined by what kind of ritual it is. Many covens keep the Samhain rituals private because of the personal nature of connecting with the dead. Usually the best public rituals are the Esbats - Full Moon and New/Dark Moon.
10. Determine if special ritual clothing, jewelry, and tools will be required by attendees. This is also where you will determine if the ritual will be skyclad. This will also influence the previous step.
11. Finally - Start memorizing the ritual if that is required.

One Week Before The Ritual

1. Check in with the other members, go over the outline and strengthen any parts that need it.
2. Memorize more. (if required)
3. Find and clean all your ritual clothing, jewelry, and tools.
4. Determine what food you will be bringing to the potluck if there is one.
5. Find some time each day to meditate on the season, the Sabbat, the God and Goddess, and the reason for the ritual.

Preparation - Day Of The Ritual

1. For yourself:
  a. Pack everything
  b. Prepare food
  c. Take a ritual bath
  d. Arrive at the ritual space at the appointed time.

2. For the space:
  a. Mundanely clean the space and make it safe.
  b. Turn off audible distractions and cover up the visible ones.
  c. Set up altar, quarter markers, and lighting.
  d. Prepare cakes and ale.
  e. Smudge and Asperger the space.

3. For the participants:
  a. Greet the participants, tell them where to put things.
  b. Just before the ritual begins, explain the intent and structure of the ritual, teach the chants, answer questions. Be sure to silence all cellphones (vibrate is not advised because it can still be audible).
  c. Arrange for seating for those who need it.
  d. After the participants have been lined up to enter through the desired "gate", smudge, Asperger, and/or anoint with the desired oil.

This is just one of many possible ways to create a ritual. A "solitary" practitioner won't need so many steps and some times a spontaneous ritual is just fine.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tips for a NEW Witch

7 Tips to the new Witch.

As a Witch I see these tips as a great thing to impress upon those who are seeking to be practitioners of the craft. These tips apply less to the practice of witchcraft itself and more about the learning and the process.

1. Take everything with a grain of salt:

You will see a lot of spells, rituals, correspondences, and “ancient magical secrets” online, and even in books, that are completely false. If you ingrain yourself in the community you will absolutely find witches who will take advantage of you for money, for self-reassurance, or just for shits and giggles. Learn to decide for yourself what seems logical and reasonable to your craft and what doesn’t. You will also see many witches who are incredibly skeptical or opinionated to certain aspects of magic. Form your beliefs and opinions off of what you feel and think, not what other witches do.

2. Respect:

I am very open about my craft, and I’m willing to divulge just about any information I can to help others. However, some witches are very secretive about their practice, and view it as a deeply personal part of their lives. Whenever asking for help, questions, tips, or advice, always do so in a very polite way. If someone does not want to answer a question, do not cross that line.
This also applies to certain parts of another witch’s craft that you do not agree with, such as cursing and hexing. If you must share your opinion, do it respectfully.

3. Research:

Do not just go read one website that uses the terms Wicca and Witchcraft interchangeably and assume you know it all. Gather as much knowledge as you possibly can, and form your own beliefs based off of that compiled research. You can never know too much about your craft. Utilize your library and their ability to get books from others. Avoid the masses of .PDFs of books that can be found online as they are usually illegal copies and historically stealing from a Witch is bad.

4. Don’t be scared of the big boys and girls:

I’ve run into a lot of self-aggrandizing asshole witches who think they know everything and that their craft is the only way because they’ve been practicing longer than I have. You’ll run into these Witches too, and you know what? Take advice when it’s given, but don’t let someone tell you how to use your magic if you don’t agree with them.

5. Common sense:

If your parents don’t approve of witchcraft, obviously don’t practice when they’re going to walk in on you. If you live in a conservative area, maybe don’t parade around town with pentacles flying and broomsticks up. If you find a spell that seems like it’s dangerous, or that you aren’t ready for yet, don’t do it. If you’re allergic to a spell component, don’t use it. I’ve gotten by this long by using my magic creatively, and learning how to adapt to my environment as well as using magic to make it more comfortable. Don’t think that you’re invincible just because you call yourself a witch.

6. Be responsible:

You are going to screw up. You know it. I know it. You will try to do something you aren’t ready for. Now, how will you handle the consequences? The right thing to do is to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame the moon, the gods, or the planets (everyone know what I am talking about) for things going sideways.

7. More common sense:

Witch, heal thyself but don’t negate the value of a trip to the doctor or hospital if something is ailing you. Yes, you can cast for healing and meditate but only after you have sought the care of a qualified medical professional.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Something to ponder.

Autumnal Equinox is set to the 23rd this year. A time of equal day and night. A balance.

The sun moves to Libra on the 23rd as well. Libra is the zodiacal scales. The sign of balance.

So what will you create a balance in tomorrow? How about our Libras out there. What will you do to accentuate the balance created in nature this day. How about in your life?

Perhaps look into the shadow of things a bit more then normal.
Enjoy the day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Same Path...New View

So I decided to take a new route on my path.

I have enrolled in the classes on Black Rose Witchcraft at the Mystic Dream Academy.  This will facilitate my change to a more traditional witchcraft that I am seeking.

It feels like a natural progression and an answer to what is changing in my life.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Symbol - AIR

Air Symbol

Air – Feel the breeze and the power of this element as it swirls the center.

Contemplating the need for a new way to express the 5 elements commonly used in Witchcraft, Wicca, and other forms of Paganism.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Edge of My Mortality

Recently, I have also had moments where I am sitting around and begin to think...why. Why did I have this happen to me the way it did. I wonder if I am meant to have these experiences so that I can have a better understanding of my humanity, or for me to have a closer connection to the divine in my life.

Three times in my recent life I have been brought to the edge of my mortality. Each time I dangled on the edge to look in the void beyond and wonder, "What?"

What is next? I truly do not know. I don't have any divine insight and I wouldn't want to. I do want to live my life how ever it may be with my partner and enjoy and experience what ever the Gods decide to set to our paths.

I know I am blessed. The reasons are not important. I will continue to walk my path regardless of the direction or obstacles.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where do I go from here?

I am Pagan.  I am Witch.  Where do I go from here?  I have not done anything relating to my spirituality for some time.  Where do I go from here?

I watch Facebook, I belong to many groups.  I offer my advice from my past experiences.  I have ideas on content, yet my  pages are blank.  Where do I go from here?

This is not a crisis of faith.