Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dark of the Moon

Today, June 12th is the New Moon or Dark Moon. This is a time for beginning spells that you want to come to fruition on the next Full Moon which is going to be June 26th at 7:30am. This months Dark moon is going to at 7:15am, Moon will be Void of Course at 7:35pm till 9:50pm so avoid any working during that time.

While reading all the blogs I have chosen to follow I found a great poem on Hecate's Blog.

Dark of the moon, new beginnings.
Dark of the moon, plant a seed tonight.
Dark of the moon, what we envision,
Will come to be, in the Full Moon's light.

Truly a wonderful little chant.

May all your workings bear fruit.
Blessed Be

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Online Spell Casters Can Be Bad.

If you search the internet for 'spells online' you can find millions of returns. 'Love spells' returns over 2 million options. Along with the many 'free' spells you will also find those who take payment to 'cast on your behalf' spells.

Now I have a problem with the people that charge for casting a spell let alone doing it online when you have no direct connection with the individual that the spell is for. I have always felt that charging for doing a spell is wrong.

I also wonder about how these people actually work the spells. I have checked some websites and I am find it quite distressing and even a little silly.

One particular website (name and URL withheld), has spells that cover the traditional spells of love and money but they also have one to break up another couples relationship and a punisher spell. I looked at the specifics of the 'spells' and there is no actual casting done, instead they have a psychic 'use his abilities' to effect the change desired by the spell. So does this still count as a spell? Not to me it doesn't.

What people charge for these spells can be just disgusting. The above mentioned website only charges $39.00 per spell. I found a website that has an 'invisibility cap spell' and they charge $500.00 for the 'formula' to make the cap turn you invisible for real. See like I said just silly.

I wonder what people are thinking when they are going to these 'snake oil salesman' for spell to fix their lives? Love spells can be tricky business because you don't want to infringe on a persons free will. Also if you think about it, the feeling will be fake. Also, when the spell breaks there will be confusion and anger. If you want to get a partner then just get out and make yourself available. Money spells are not so bad and also require work on the part of the person wanting the spell.

Spells are not a substitute for a person actually doing the work to change their life.