Thursday, August 26, 2010

Healthcare ~ Will the Village Healer return?

A friend and I were having lunch the other day and we had broached a few varying topics during our discussions, but one peaked my interest.  The subject was; with the rising costs of health care and the somewhat lack luster attempt at reforming the nations health care policies, how long will it be before we see a return of the shamans, medicine men/women, and village healers. 
First let us travel back to the time before we had the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), government run health care, and expensive physicians.  It is known that in many settlements in Europe there was a person or persons whom you would visit if you became ill or injured.  That person knew all there was to know about the ailments and how to remedy them.  They knew which flowers made a person sleep peacefully. They knew which leaves of plants that grew wild in the forests and meadows would clear a cough or sooth an upset stomach.  They also knew which of these would cause harm and even death. there a place for this kind of person now?  I think it would be quite interesting to be driving down the street and see a sign for an apothecary run by a shaman or witch.  Of course there would be resistance from all different directions.  The FDA would surely raise a stick about the fact there wouldn't be any regulation by them.  But you know that not everything has to be under the watchful eyes of the government.  I bet there would be something from the religious groups opposing the non-traditional aspect of the shops.  But honestly what would be the harm.
Of course there will have to be some watchfulness to make sure that whomever is running the shop is doing so ethically and not harming anyone and selling baneful items.  That is just sensible responsibility. 
I have a huge book that has a bunch of herb listed as well as the healing properties they imbue.  I found a treatment for Herpes using a common garden herb, a treatment for coughs by using many different herbs that are found growing wild in many fields and many other ailments. 

This is just something to think of.  Another way for things to change in a time of change. 

Blessed Be.

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