Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Funniest People in the World - PostADay Topic

Today's topic on the PostADay challenge is to name 3 of the funniest people in the world.

For me it is quite easy  for me to list who I think are the funniest people.

My number one is Mr. Robin Williams.  Ever since I saw him in Mork and Mindy I have thought of him as the funniest person on the planet.  He is so wonderful in how he can turn any interview into a stand up routine that can have the host unsure where to go next.  Every time I see that he is going to be on late night shows like the Late Show with David Letterman I make it a point to watch so I can see what he is going to do because I know it is going to be a riot.

My number two would have to be Jeff Dunham and his 'friends'.  The first time I saw his show on DVD I laughed so hard at Walter that my sides hurt for two days.  He is a master at what he does and there are time when Jeff fades into the background and all you see is the puppet.  What is really funny is when he make fun of himself with one of the characters.  Walter is the best at this.

My number three is a person I have enjoyed since I was little.  Bill Cosby.  My dad used to listen to records of him so much that I used to have his routines memorized.  Now I have the albums.  He is old style humor.  Not vulgar or adult.  He is family humor.  "Ding...NOAH!"  (if you don't get it listen to his shows)

Endless laughter to you.


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