Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What the frack happened?

My last entry was on September 6, 2010...what the frack happened to make me stop entries.  I have no idea.  I haven't had anything more the do then I did before.  I still work from home.  I still fill any order for the store in the morning and do other things in the afternoon if they need it.  Oh wait I know....I got fracking lazy....AGAIN!!

I have failed to keep this blog going as well as the other blog I do for Grove of The Ancients.  I have failed.  Now I need to get it back up and running on a regular basis.  I really need to post something everyday even if it is just dribble.  Dribble can be good and it can lead to some meaningful discussions eventually.  So now I need to get some content lined up.  I would like to not talk about politics if possible because that can lead to nastiness. 

So, if there is anyone reading this, be patient I will get it going again.  I promise.

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