Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are you in or out of the Broom Closet?

Do others (beyond the computer screen) know what you believe and practice? Or is this something, for whatever reason, which you need to keep hidden? Feel free to elaborate, if you like, about why you are still in, or what it was like 'coming out of the closet' to your closest family and friends.

I decided to do another blog entry this afternoon.  The muses just have me going.

I am “out” to some of my family and all of my friends.  

Most of my friends are Pagan.  In fact one friend in particular is responsible for introducing me to the craft by taking me to the local spiritual retreat 4 years ago.  I am out to my mom who thinks it is really cool and doesn’t care as long as I am true to myself.  I don’t know if my father completely knows, if he does he doesn’t say anything about it, neither does my step mom.  I know they respect my decisions I make in my life.  My grandparents are the same way.  I don’t think it is really important at this stage of their lives to worry about my spiritual path as long I am happy they are happy.  

I don’t keep my beliefs ‘hidden’, how do you hide an herb garden contained in a 5 foot diameter pentagram of white stone.  I proudly wear a pentagram, outside my shirt thank you.   If I could get away with it I would put bumper stickers on the car but my partner would kill me.  I do stop short of wearing my cloak out when it is cold though.  While it is a nice green cloak, they just haven’t come back in style yet.  

So I guess you could say that I am ‘out of the broom closet’ even though I have never actually been in to begin with.  Now the other closet is whole ‘nother Oprah.  That is a topic for a later date.

Blessed Be!

What makes you a Pagan?

And don't just say "Because I'm not Christian".... I would like to see you fully explore how your beliefs fit with those typical of other Pagans. What is it about you and your life that made you associate with the label of "Pagan"?

I was raised Lutheran. I attended church every Sunday with my family. I also remember attending Sunday school and I even went through Confirmation. Through all this I never really felt the connection to the Christian faith. I have read the bible, not cover to cover but how many actually have? The whole doctrine seemed a bunch of bull, to me at least. Now that was many years ago; I don’t doubt that there is an undeniable energy in the Christian faith. I have experienced it first hand by sitting with my family again at the church I grew up with, but I still am not Christian. Oops, I said it didn’t I?

Why do I call myself Pagan? I have thought about this before but I have never written about it. I think that I was destined to follow this path. That would explain my aversion to Christianity. I always liked the thought of magick even before I knew what it was. I flirted with an eastern religion while I was in high school but never kept with it. I think because I didn’t completely understand it and no one was around to explain it. I know that if I had found the trail head of my current path back then I would have been traveling it a lot longer than I have been.

I didn’t think of myself as Pagan at first. When I started down my path a few years ago I was working with Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and his online school, The Grey School. I labeled myself as a wizard. I worked on my studies and surrounded myself with all the trappings of what I thought it meant to be a wizard. I didn’t realize that some of these items were also associated with being Pagan. I bought the candles, athame, chalice, and other stuff. A conversation with a person at a spiritual retreat had me questioning exactly what path I was on and what it meant to me. After that retreat and experiencing the rituals there and talking to other people I realized that the label I had chosen, wizard, was not correct and that Pagan was more appropriate.

I began to explore what it is to be Pagan. I related to many of the aspects. I believed in the existence in multiple gods. I believed that we are all connected to nature and that we should respect it and honor it. I believe in the power of the Moon on us and her aspects.

After my first retreat and the revelations that came from it, I returned to the retreat and became involved in guiding young men through the coming of age ritual offered. This allowed me to explore my beliefs even further and realize that while I enjoyed being solitary for a time I needed something more and sought out a local coven. While working with the people in the coven I found my patron deities. Lady Hecate made herself known to me and I continue to honor her. Lord Cernunnos/Herne has made himself known to me but I believe he has always been with me in some sense since I have always loved all out of doors activities. I also have an affinity for herbs and their uses. I have sewn two robes, one white and one black. I have acquired a couple staffs, one given me by the forest the other found me at a local flea market. I have setup my sacred space and consecrated it with ritual. I try to live my life as a Pagan. I even take the title of Witch now and practice the craft of the witch. I celebrate the Sabbats and the Esbats. I welcome the Faeries in to my house and leave them gifts.

I am Pagan, I am Witch, and I am happy.

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pagan Prompts

I have found a wonderful new blog that gives a prompt to write a blog on and they are centered around paganism.  I know this will help with my writer block and allow me to begin posting again.

No new post tonight.  To late for me to think past this little note.

Blessed Be.