Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice - Media in error

Today is the Summer Solstice.

Celebrations abound all over the world. Stonehenge is particularly busy today.

So I decided to check around the web and see what new articles were around about the solstice celebrations and goings on. There were a few on just a simple search. But I was surprised when I read these ‘news’ stories.

Here is what is a few of the articles said.
“Prior to the arrival of Christianity to northern Europe, cultures celebrated the arrival of the June solstice because it was seen as one of the few times of the year when magic was at its most powerful.

These days, the June solstice is celebrated as the start of summer, although at tourist destinations such as Massachusetts’s Cape Cod, Memorial Day often marks the start of the "summer season" for tourism.

But lest we think of the June solstice only in terms of suntan oil or maypole dances marking "midsummer" solstice celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere, it's also an opportunity to pause and remember those who are sacrificing their summer so that others may learn about climate, or Mars, or the cosmos as a whole – never mind penguins, fossils, and krill.” – Pete Spotts, Christian Science Monitor

“As per some Pagan beliefs, this point of the year marks the marriage of God and Goddess and a celebration of growth and life.” – IBTimes Staff Reporter, International Business Times

“The Swedish celebration is called Midsommar. Like European pagans have done for centuries, this celebration can include singing and dancing around objects such as a flower-studded maypole or a large bonfire. “ – MyFox Houston

Maypole? Really? The marriage of the God and Goddess? Really? *shakes head and walks away.
The problem with the Fox quote is that they have said that all European Pagans celebrate the way the Swedish people do.  This is far from the truth.

Since when did the Summer Solstice move to Beltane?

As you can see I chose articles that clearly show exactly how much people don’t know what the Summer Solstice means. I would have thought they would have done some research or something.

Of course I am going to send messages to the editors of these stories and inform them of the mistake and point them in the correct direction.

I also see this as evidence that there is a need for education on what people of pagan faiths believe and celebrate and why. I also encourage everyone to watch when Pagan events are reported on to see if they are accurately portrayed. This will help with continuing education.

This is my activism post.  I don't do these often, it takes something to really annoy me for me to post under activism.

Have a Blessed Summer Solstice!!!  Blessed Be!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What was it all about?

The contest is over.  The winner is chosen.  

I sit here reading over posts on blogs and on the Facebook pages of some of the blog owners and I start to get this eerie feeling deep in my core.  I will explain this in a second. 

First let me over congratulations to Mrs. B the author of Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom for her being voted the top faith blog in the Circle of Moms website.   


I would also like to offer my congratulations to Woman Living Well, I Take Joy, A Pagan Mom Blog, A Holy Experience, A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, Witch Mom: Parenting by the Light of the Moon, Tales of a Kitchen Witch, Hearth-n-home, who round out the top ten.  Well done to the remaining 15 blogs who also made the top 25 blogs; may this serve to further respect and knowledge between people and their beliefs.

Now for that eerie feeling.

It mostly came from reading the Facebook postings I found on some of the Facebook pages of the blog owners.  I am going to try to explain my thoughts as easy as I can.  

The voting was for the top 25 Faith Blog by Mothers.  The voting should have been done based on how well the blog author reflected her faith in her blog postings, or as the website says; “Faith is all around us, and it comes in many different forms. This group of exceptional moms nurtures both their families and their faiths to create homes filled with love.”  I think that was lost on everyone as the fervor grew over the fact that Pagan faith blogs were being allowed in the list.

I draw this conclusion based on the postings on Like a Warm Cup of Coffee’s Facebook Page.  I counted 20 posting asking for votes for the blog owner’s blog and other Christian blogs.  On Woman Living Well Facebook page there were a few similar posts.  I found similar posts on some of the Pagan pages but those were very selective and done by the blog’s owner.  On Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom her Facebook page is filled with news postings and links to other interesting information with only a slight mention of the voting.  Is this what the 'contest' was designed for?  I can not answer that questions and I leave it for you to find your answer.  

So I sit here and I think…why did I vote?  I voted because I believe that Mrs. B and Angela both represent their faith within the postings on their blogs in some fashion.  I am also guilty of blindly voting for other Pagan blogs because of the fervor and I wonder how many other ‘readers’ have done the same thing on both sides of the faith debate.  Not voting because they have read the blogs but because they were told to or asked to do so.  

I read a few of the Christian blogs and honestly found it very tiring to read because of all the references to scripture and the incessant quoting of said scriptures from the Bible.  It is not very impressive, to me at least, to continue to quote and reference a book over and over and over again. Where is the original thought?
I do hope this will open people’s hearts and minds to other faiths, beliefs, and religions.  We are a world of many.  Our country is a country of many and that many have the freedom to believe as we want without prosecution from any one group or person.
Blessed Be! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A roadblock on the path

I have recently come to realize that I have a huge roadblock sitting right smack dab in the middle of my spiritual path.  This epiphany came to me as I talked to my High Priest about how I was progressing toward restarting my initiation process.  

Let me give a bit of back story.  

I came to paganism relatively late in my life.  I wasn't raised with it.  I can't quite remember when I began exploring this path.  I do know that it was first in a book then an online school and finally with the coven I currently belong to.  I progressed nicely and soon dedicated with the coven.  The next step was to initiate. I thought I was ready, I was not.

Image found here.

During one of my infrequent meditations I was visited by my patron Goddess Hecate and my patron God Herne.  It was explained to me that I was not ready to undertake such an important task as initiation and that I needed to do much more before I was.  I was quite taken aback by such a overt communication but I was also grateful that my patrons came to me.  After the meditation I immediately drafted a letter to my High Priest and High Priestess requesting the my initiation be put on hiatus.

So now I come to the roadblock.  I don't do for me.  I am always doing for others.  I get up around 5:00am and immediately start doing for others.  I clean the kitchen, loading the washer and wiping down the counters.  I get my partner up and off to work.  I get on this computer and start checking mail and start working on our two stores.  I also fit laundry in there somewhere too.  I also seem to be picking up after our roommate.  Oh and lest us not forget the yard work that needs to be done now that spring is here and summer just weeks away.  So I don't do for me.

Why?  I am worried that if I don't do all these other things that they won't get done, or done right.  I am afraid to let got for even a short time.  I feel guilty if I take time for myself.  I would love to be able to just go into my ritual room, cast circle, and sit in the quiet and meditate.  So why don't I just do it?  I am doing it now.

I have expressed my feeling to my partner and we have agreed that I just need to take the time I need and not  worry about what needs to be done.  Easier said then done.  

So I am here looking at this massive roadblock and wondering how I am to remove it or go around it.  I think I should remove it so that I don't encounter it again further down the path.  

I ask my patrons for guidance and patience as I find my way again.

Blessed Be!