Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Success and My Radiant Soul

One of my new favorite blogs is One Witch’s Way by Rowan Pendragon; you can check out her blog here.

In one of her latest posts she announces that she will be offering up insights on how to ‘shine up your soul’.  She calls this – Your Radiant Soul.  Today is the first of the official posting of this new and wonderful idea. 

The topic is Success and Your Radiant Soul.  Along with talking about her personal insights on it, Rowan also poses questions pertaining to the topic for her readers to discuss, offer their own insights and advice.  So that is what I am going to do in this post.


Success.  Like most people I too see success in terms of the monetary value not the personal joy.  I think that is because personally I have never been exposed to anything else.  I was raised during a time where a person was judged by what they had not who they were.  Today I think that is even truer now than when I was growing up.  We didn’t have computers, iPhones, iPads, DVR’s and Blu-Ray players.  We were lucky to have a VCR that didn’t break.

I am slowly seeing things different.  I guess you could call me self-employed.  I am part owner and manage two online storefronts that serve the Pagan community.  I get up each morning and after starting a pot of coffee I begin to think about what needs to happen today.  I can safely say that what I do brings me joy and with that joy comes some bit of success, because I know I am serving my community and their needs.  I certainly don’t do what I do because of money. 

If I had to make a change and actually find a paying career I would find it difficult to let go of my private time I have from working as I do.  I am alone most of the day so I don’t get interrupted when I am working on inventory or the financials. 

The final question that Rowan poses about success is a big one.  What would make me feel successful in my heart? 

More freedom to explore my spirituality.  That would be a good start.
I feel I am successful.  I am healthy, I have a wonderful family, I have great friends, a nice house, companion felines who love me and I them.  I have a wonderful man who I love dearly.  I am walking down my spiritual path, bumps and all. 
So I am successful in some places and not so much in others but then again I think that is how most people are.

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