Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 1: What is your witchy background?


This is when it all began, at least as far as my active studying is concerned. I was visiting a big box bookstore in a local mall and I was perusing the new age section. I always found myself drawn to that section of any bookstore and library. I saw all the common books by Cunningham, Starhawk, and Buckland but the one that drew my attention was the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. It took me a couple visits to finally get the nerve up to buy the book but that is what fanned the flames of the already burning fire inside me.

I read the book completely and decided to enroll in the online school. The experience I had while working with the school was great. I learned a lot and made some good friends but as time went on I began to realize that I was missing something. I left the online study and set out to find what I was missing.


 I found it!

After a couple months of reading articles and stories on the internet I found that the path I was on with the Grey School of Wizardry was only a transition path which leads me to my current path as a Pagan, Witch, and Wiccan. I began to do more research on what it meant to be a Pagan, a Witch and Wiccan. At first I was overwhelmed.  

“What book do I get?” “Which author is right and which is wrong?” “Which book is right for me?” These are all questions that I had while I began to explore my path.  

I finally realized that what I did was up to me and all the books I read were just for information and advice and that I needed to take them as such. By this time I had accumulated a few books and had managed to gather some nice items for a basic altar. I began to do some small rituals for the moons and even a couple Sabbats. I also began to assemble a Book of Shadows, although it was very elementary and didn’t survive much past its creation.

I was still learning and for some time I followed the Egyptian pantheon, doing rituals to Isis and Osiris for different things. I continued down this path for some time before a fork appeared and I had to make a choice on how I would continue my spirituality. The new path leads away from the pantheon I was working with and my solitary practice. The new path led to me finding a local coven. I also found that I was being drawn to a goddess that I had no information about, and a god that I was familiar with but I had never approached.

Hecate was speaking to me, actually calling and well…shouting. I didn’t realize it until someone in coven had mentioned something about her. After that I sought Hecate in meditation and found her waiting patiently for me. I have honored her ever since. The god I honor is Cernunnos, the Lord Hunter.

Today I am happily a member of a great coven and the path before me may be steep and winding at times but it is my path that I chose to follow, bumps and all.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back From The Void

It has been quite awhile since I last posted.  There have been some crazy things going on in my personal life that took precedent over anything else and now that my personal life has evened out I can now get back to blogging and other things associated with it.

I am going to go back to Pagan Blog Prompts and post my thought on those items.  I have also found a list called, 44 days of Witchery, and I will be posting on those items as well.  The posts may be short and they may be long.  It all depends on what I have to say.

I am also going to be posting other items.  I think I had mentioned it before but my posts will not only be pagan orientated.  It should be interesting.  So, I hope that my readers stick around and I hope I get some new ones.