Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Off Your Broom Challenge - Catching Up!!!

So this is supposed to be Day 3 of the fitness challenge and of course I am behind.  I have a plan in mind but I need to write it out so that I can at least be held accountable.  So I am going to go back in time.  Hold we go...

September 30th.  I read the list of mini-challenges and freaked a little.  I have never taken a picture of myself for a fitness thing before.  I thought about the whole smart phone bathroom photo.  That seems like the best option right now.  I will get the done and add it.  So what is my plan on how I am going to loose the weight I want and gain the look I want.  Walking is definitely going to be on the agenda.  Just around the block at first to build up and then further and even heading the paths near where I live and walk among the trees.  I don't know how much of the gym type working out I can get to because I don't have equipment nor a membership somewhere.

Eating is going to be the hard part.  Not the actual process but the substance.  I do enjoy my sodas.  I have left it once before and I can do it again.  I will just be a little bitchy for a couple days whilst the caffeine leaves my system.  I have a good meal plan already to go.  I swiped it from the Special K diet program.  They have a wonderful system and when I was on it over the summer for about a month I actually lost almost 12 pounds!  Why did I stop?  If I knew that I wouldn't be here, now would I.  No I have no idea why I stopped it.  So it is eating at least every 3 hours even if it is a small granola bar or a hand full of crackers.  Lots of water.  The whole 8 glasses thing.  Sometimes plain water sends my body reeling so I add the Crystal Light powders to give me a nice flavor.  I will not be giving up the meat though, that is one thing I refuse to do.  I will not be eating as much of the cow but I will be having some.  I will post some recipes as soon as I find the ones I got from the S-K plan.

So what are my measurements?  AAAAHHHH!  The HORROR!  Okay breathe.

Chest : 42in
Waist : 43in
Hips : 44in

Yea that is just wrong.  I don't have a working scale right now.  I need to head to Wal-Mart and get a new simple one.  My last weight was 220+ lbs.  My ideal weight should be about 180-190 lbs for my height.
Now the picture.

So there it is.

Fast forward to October 3rd.  I have started on the water.  I am going to go for a nice walk tonight.  Those might get interesting since the weather is supposed to be cooling off.  Going to see what I can rustle up for dinner that follows my plan.

Of course I am also going to seek guidance from my spiritual side as well.  I will meditate on all aspects of this challenge and seek help when I am feeling overwhelmed and the desire to quit.  I also ask for any encouragement from others as I will also give it where I can.

Oh...and is it me or am I the only guy doing this.  hmmmm.

And So It Begins.


  1. Congrats on being the only guy I have seen in the challenge so far!! I think it is awesome and we need to get more of the men involved in this! Anyway good luck and blessings on the challenge!

  2. Smile and don't be so hard on yourself! You've got a lot of us in this with you. By the way, my measurements are pretty close to yours and I am a 5'9" WOMAN, yikes, how do ya think I'm feelin' bout that? ;)

  3. congratulations.on.being.brave!,!i.think.u.are.a.lucky.guy!lol!many.blessings,!love,chella

  4. I released 172 lbs (took me a looong time and many ups and downs) - but Jan. of 2011 I hit my goal healthy weight of 135 lbs.

    It is challenging, but can be done!

    Good luck and be sure to walk instead of flying a broom every where :)