Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Ghost Stories

Over at Blissful Moon, Lady Rose has shared her first ghostly encounter. She also asked the question of her readers if they believe in ghosts and if they have seen or communicated with one or more. Rather than filling a comment box with my stories I decided to make it a blog post, which is appropriate given the time of year.

My first ghost encounter was in the early 1990’s. I was living in an old Victorian house in Northwest Denver. It had been converted to apartments with two units in the basement, two units on the first level, and two on the upper level. The attic was closed off when I lived there. I lived in one of the basement units with my partner. The second unit in the basement was rented by a single guy named Justin. The units were separated by a thick Cinderblock wall. This was important for the first encounter with the spirit of the house. One night we were awaken by a knocking. The sound seemed to be coming from the brick wall but the knocking was more like on wood. It persisted for some time before we both asked it to stop and it did. The second encounter was solely my partner’s.

We shared the bathroom in the basement with Justin, so we had to leave our unit to use it. One night Shayne opened the door and saw an apparition of an older man standing at the base of the stairs leading up to the main floor. He said the man was transparent and that instead of walking up the stairs he walked into them. We began to inquire about who it could have been and found that the father of the building owner had fallen down the stairs and died when he hit his head on the sewer access pipe at the bottom. We never had any other encounters after that.

 I belong to a paranormal investigation group now so my encounters with the paranormal are a pretty common event.

While investigating a house in southern Colorado I experienced what it was like to have an entity physically touch me. While upstairs in the house I felt a chill go up my arm. A second investigator took a picture at the same time and it shows a ‘mist’ on my arm exactly where I reported the chill.  

During an investigation of a historical office building in Northern Colorado I experienced a woman whispering in my ear while in the basement. I only heard the whisper not the words. None of the other investigators with me heard it and none of the equipment registered it. Other things happened during that investigation but they were more environmental, less personal.

Colorado is famous for some very active haunted places; most notable is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

I have visited this place a couple of times and each time I had experiences. The first time was during a wedding reception. After about 20 minutes in the hotel I began to feel ill. I thought it might have been something I had eaten earlier in the day so I didn’t say anything, but as the night progressed the feeling got worse and unusual. I truly thought I was getting the flu. We excused ourselves from the reception and left the hotel. As soon as we left the grounds of the hotel all the feelings of ill had vanished. We didn’t return that night.

Me second visit to the hotel was solely to investigate the hotel, unofficially of course. During this visit we walked around the lobby and attached rooms, the lower levels and the ballrooms. The upper floors where a lot of activity is reported are off limits to all but paid guests. We did experience some things while walking around but not on the order of apparitions.

Personally I do believe in the existence of ghosts. I have seen too much not to believe.


  1. Great ghost story - thank you for sharing. I've seen an episode of Ghost Hunters at the Stanley Hotel - would love the opportunity to some day check it out for myself.

    I must say I'm a little jealous LOL - you get to go ghost hunting! One of the things on my list of things to do once I retire (and have some free time) is to go ghost hunting. I applied once to a group here in NJ - but never got a response. (The opportunity to apply for membership comes up very very rarely.) Would have been nice to know why they didn't accept my application but oh well - I was honest about being witch, but I am also very rational and skeptical and would not be going around thinking every little bump or creaking board was a ghost - but perhaps they didn't want someone who was open about being a witch on the team (since that could affect their clients perception of their work) - oh well eventually I'm sure I'll get to go ghost hunting some where.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your stories with us at PBP!