Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coming back from vacation.

I am coming back from a vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday with family.  I am going through emails, blogs and other stuff and thinking about what I am going to write about first.

Stay Tuned.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HELP the Domestic Pagan!!!

This is a call out to help Serenity Raven over at The Domestic Pagan with a problem she had with her URL.

The new link to the page now http://www.thedomesticpagan.net/.  If you have links to her please verifiy they have the .net at the end, not the .com as it is not valid anymore.

Thank you for your time.

Night of Hecate - Celebrate the Dark Goddess

I want to thank Aine over at The Deepest Well for reminding me that tonight is infact the Night of Hecate.  It is the prefect time for me to honor the most wonderul goddess Hecate.

I have found the great ritual over on Hecate's Cauldron to do tonight after sunset.  I need to figure out what kind of dinner to fix tonight.  My partner doesn't like fish so that is out.  I think a simple meal will be just fine and I will make some special items to take to a crossroads and leave in offering. 

Blessed Be!!!

Grove of the Ancients Pagan Marketplace - My Store

Okay.  It is time for a shameless plug.

Aside from posting to this blog I also post to a second blog here.

Grove of the Ancients Pagan Marketplace is my online store that I run with my partner and a friend.

We started out on eBay in 2009 and continue to have great success with it and expanded to a web presence off of eBay in 2010.

I am very proud of our stores, both eBay and the stand-alone one.  So I am going to plug the stand-alone one today.

We carry over 3000 items in the store.  We carry a wide variety of herbs like Angelica Root, Mugwort, Devil's Shoestring, Bloodroot, Mandrake and Horehound just to name a few.
We also have over 500 jewelry items for sale, including Pentagrams, Talismans, and even crystals.  If you need some items to put on your altar we also carry a wide selection of athames, chalices, cauldrons, and candles. 

Aside from the traditional items you expect to find we also carry trinket boxes, herb cupboards, and chests to put your smaller items in to keep them safe.  See them here.

Need a journal to start your very one Book of Shadows, Dream Journal or private diary?  We have a large selection of blank journal books.  All are bound in leather with pages made of recycled bio-mass to protect the vanishing forests.  They come in diffent styles and sizes.  The popularity of these journals causes them to sell out fast so our inventory is contantly changing so checking out the store often is recommended to see what has returned to available status.  To see what journals we have click here.  Along with the leather bound journals you will find hard bound, spiral bound, lined and unlined journals.

Statues, statues, and more statues.
Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Hindu.  Just some of the pantheons we have statues of.  Whether you are looking for the Mighy Thor or the beautiful and powerful Isis they are in the store awaiting you.

I hope you stop on by and check out our store.  We will be happy to have you.

Blessed Be!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Witch's Circle - Spells - A discussion

This post is in response to The Witch's Circle discussion on the blog The Deepest Well.  Fly on over and check out the original posting and read what others have said too.


Everyone knows of spells cast by witches and wizards from reading J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series.  Admittedly I have my favorites that I wish I could really do.  Confundus being one.  With the return of witches to prime time TV on CW's The Secret Circle, the witch's spell is back in the spotlight.  A place it hasn't been in since three sisters, who just happened to be witches, Charmed their way in to people's living rooms each week.

Movies have had a share of spellcasting witches as well.  Practical Magic had its reluctant Sally Owens and her siren sister Jillian; as well as the aunts, Jet and Francis who would be happy to cast a spell for a fee.  The Craft saw spellcasting in the darkest of forms from Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell), and Rochelle (Rachelle True).  Three seemingly ordinary women, soon realized the art of spellcasting when they bring Daryl Van Horne into their lives in The Witches of Eastwick.  Men also get with the casting in the tale of five male witches in The Covenant.  Even Disney, yes Disney has been replete with spellcasting.  Let us not forget the wonderful Substitutiary Locomotion spell used by the magnificent Miss Price, played by Angela Lansbury.

So spells are pretty common place in today's world, albeit the spiced up Hollywood version; but in some cases those spells the actors are casting have been in some part influenced by true crafting of real spells by real witches.

In The Craft, Fairuza helped the movie makers with certain aspects to ensure they did things right.  The new TV show The Secret Circle, the producer Kevin Williamson stated that they are constantly doing research in to the craft to ensure accuracy.  Does this mean that if you see a spell done by an actor on a television program or an actor in a movie that you can do the same spell to the same conclusion.  I wouldn't think so unless there is something I have been missing since I started practicing the craft.

A spell is more then just a bunch of fancy words the might happen to rhyme.  The wonderfully written spell to hear thoughts from Charmed isn't going to let you do just that.
As flame lights shadow
And truth ends fear
Open locked thoughts
To mind's willing ear.
May the smoke from
this candle into everywhere creep.
Bring innermost voices to my mind in speech.

A spell is something that is done by a person with intent and awareness to create change.  Yes, the words can rhyme and yes, they can be in verse.  But that isn't a requirement.  The words don't even really have to make perfect sense to anyone as in the spell from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  Substitutiary is not actually a word but it get the point across nicely.  Spells also use energies provided by the caster to do what they are intended to do.  Without the needed 'fuel' a spell will more then likely fizzle before doing what it is intended.  I again reference the spell from above.  Watch the video.  Miss Price tries the spell once but nothing happens.  The shoes just sit there.  It isn't until they add music and dancing does the spell take effect and with some quite extraordinary results.  That is the addition of energies.

Are spells important?  Well...yes.  I am with Aine on this one.  What is a witch without spells?  What is witchcraft without the occasional casting?  The two go hand in hand.

Which way is Witch.  Is there a correct way to do a spell?  If you pose this question to a room full of witches you will get a room full of usually different answers.  In my opinion there are as many right ways to do a spell as there are wrong ways. The best judge of this is you.  If you are casting a spell and something just 'feels' wrong then it probably is.  Trust in ones self and ones senses is one the most valuable asset a witch can have.  Do some more research on the spell, on the intent and on what is required.  Did you miss something in your preparation?  There are many people that will tell you that 'this is the only way to do this spell' and for them that may be correct but not all witches are created equal.  Thank the gods.  Of course it is completely alright to create a spell from scratch.

Rules.  To cast or not to cast?  I am going to defer to what Aine so wonderfully wrote in her blog.
As for the rules. Well, we have all heard some of the various versions of the Wiccan Rede. I feel that harming none is impossible. We are all touched by everything everyone does - as we are all connected. Inaction can harm as much as action. This is not to suggest that there are no rules, but every instance must be considered on it's own. It's always wise to think about your Work before you begin and to examine your motives and decide on the most ethical way you can achieve your goals. Sometimes this means doing nothing. Sometimes this means being very involved. An ethical witch knows what to do and what to stay away from, and the inbetween ways you can do your Work without disturbing things unnecessarily or unjustly. Sometimes it's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Nothing magical should be done in haste or extreme emotion. Magical Work should be done after much thought and soul searching. These are my only rules in regards to spell casting and I feel by following these rules, a witch will not do anything he/she regrets.
I found a wonderful book on the art of crafting and casting spells.  Power Spellcraft for Life by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is filled with great information on all aspects of spells.

As with all part of being a witch, read, and by all mean ask questions.

Thanks to Aine for these wonderful topics of which I have had so much fun writing about.

Comments are always welcomed so please leave one if you are so moved do so.

Blessed Be!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Pagan New Year - Starting over

Samhain has passed and like all other years we have talked with our ancestors and released what we have gathered over the year into the flames of the Samhain fire.

Now it is November and a new month and new turning of the Wheel.

Most of the world celebrates the new year on the calendar day of Janurary 1st.  But as pagans we see the new year as starting on November 1st.  I will admit that this concept took some time to grasp.  So now it celebrate two 'new' years.  One for my personal spirituality and one with the rest of the world.  Can't miss out on all the parties and watching amateur hour.

New Year's Resolutions.  Never been really big on them. Yea I used to make the occasional one about no junk food, quitting smoking (back when I smoked), all the usual stuff.  Did I ever stick to them...nope.  I think I actually quit smoking over about a week's time in July many years ago.  So yea, don't do resolutions.  I do however make plans for what I want to do in the upcoming time.  These plans can change of course based on any number of events that happen over the year but at least I have them down.

As far as my spirituality goes with the new year; I had a very interesting discussion with Hecate over Samhain.  With out going into too much detail, because it was between her and I, I need to focus on what I want and how I want it.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own path.  So that is what I am going to focus on this year.  Walk the path of my choosing, the way I want to walk it.  If I want to skip down it, fine.  If I want to stroll along and stop every so often to take in the scenery, that is fine too.  I will not be swayed by others who think I should 'walk this way' down MY path.  IF something blocks my path then I will remove it in my own way.  When a crossroads appears in MY path I will decide which path to take.

I will also be more cognizant of the gifts given me by the gods. Too often we trundle through our day and don't realize all that we are given. No matter how small.

Just this morning as I was beginning this post I looked out the large window next to the desk and a murder of crows passed by on their way to whatever a murder of crows does and saw more then a murder of crows.  I saw the goddess and I felt blessed.

This upcoming year I will pay more attention to these things as I believe everyone should.  The old gods haven't left, they just need to be remembered and honored and seen.

This new year we need to walk OUR paths, because it is OUR path.