Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grove of the Ancients Pagan Marketplace - My Store

Okay.  It is time for a shameless plug.

Aside from posting to this blog I also post to a second blog here.

Grove of the Ancients Pagan Marketplace is my online store that I run with my partner and a friend.

We started out on eBay in 2009 and continue to have great success with it and expanded to a web presence off of eBay in 2010.

I am very proud of our stores, both eBay and the stand-alone one.  So I am going to plug the stand-alone one today.

We carry over 3000 items in the store.  We carry a wide variety of herbs like Angelica Root, Mugwort, Devil's Shoestring, Bloodroot, Mandrake and Horehound just to name a few.
We also have over 500 jewelry items for sale, including Pentagrams, Talismans, and even crystals.  If you need some items to put on your altar we also carry a wide selection of athames, chalices, cauldrons, and candles. 

Aside from the traditional items you expect to find we also carry trinket boxes, herb cupboards, and chests to put your smaller items in to keep them safe.  See them here.

Need a journal to start your very one Book of Shadows, Dream Journal or private diary?  We have a large selection of blank journal books.  All are bound in leather with pages made of recycled bio-mass to protect the vanishing forests.  They come in diffent styles and sizes.  The popularity of these journals causes them to sell out fast so our inventory is contantly changing so checking out the store often is recommended to see what has returned to available status.  To see what journals we have click here.  Along with the leather bound journals you will find hard bound, spiral bound, lined and unlined journals.

Statues, statues, and more statues.
Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Hindu.  Just some of the pantheons we have statues of.  Whether you are looking for the Mighy Thor or the beautiful and powerful Isis they are in the store awaiting you.

I hope you stop on by and check out our store.  We will be happy to have you.

Blessed Be!!!

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