Friday, March 2, 2012

Empathic–I know how we feel.

I am an empath.  That is to say that I can feel the emotions, feelings, and states of being of those around me.

I haven’t always been an empath.  The ability emerged during my early teenage years.  It was quite abrupt.  One minute I was a normal teenager in my church youth group and the next I was overwhelmed by sadness and hurt and it wasn’t coming from me.  I realized that it was coming from another kid in the group who wasn’t even in the same room of the church as I was.

At the time I didn’t know what it was.  I didn’t even think about it after the emotions left my mind.  The ability then laid dormant for a few years until I arrived for basic training in the US Air Force.  I again began to sense things from other people.  This time was different then the first time because it was more subdued.  I wasn’t overwhelmed by any one person but I could sense many at one time.  Being that I was in a place that didn’t really lend itself to learning about what was happening to me I just let it happen and soon I was able to quiet some of the things I was getting but I never completely shut them off.  I found that if I did try to shut it down I found I missed it.  I also found it difficult to communicate with people if I wasn’t able to sense them as well.  Having the ability working all the time helped me get through basic training because I knew what people expected before others.

My ability has never waivered since then.  I have even found that I was able to use it to help a local store cut down on loss by catching shop lifters.  I know it sounds weird and maybe a bit superhero like but let me explain.   I worked as a merchandiser for a magazine distributor and it was my job to stock and clean up the magazine and book displays found in the major grocery stores.  In one particular store the racks were in an isle that was a heavily travelled part of the store; so many customers pasted by me.  Like I said I have never put up shields to block other people I just have a way to filter it.  Every so often I would be working away on my job and someone would walk behind me and I got the distinct feeling that they were going to lift something from the store or going to do something else undesirable while shopping.  As soon as I realized what I was feeling I immediately let security know and they would watch the person.  I was quite surprised that they never asked how I knew it was going to happen, but I was kind of surprised about how right I was. 

Today I still run with shields down.  I enjoy being able to sense so many people while I am out and about.  The malls are the best.   I don’t get headaches or take on the emotions of others unless it is really, really intense and then I have to roll with it or try to block it.  Blocking usually doesn’t work.  I have found it helpful in driving is a big city like Denver too.  I can sense what the other drivers are going to do and I can adjust to it there by avoiding accidents. 

My ability has even evolved to encompass being able to feel spirits while on paranormal investigations.  Of course it is different then the living but it is from the same core ability.

I know that I would miss this ability if for some reason I was without it.  It has become a part of me and me of a part of it.  I am not a slave to it and it doesn’t run my life.  I treat as any other skill I have.  I work with it and keep it active so I don’t lose it. 

I know that some people are on a different level and that they are affected differently by being able to sense others emotions.  For those I suggest learning some good shielding techniques to quiet the barrage.  Don’t try to deny it, shut it off or prevent it form happening.

Blessed Be!