Sunday, July 1, 2012

It is hot and I am back.

Okay, it is now the first of July.  It is 99 degrees but feels like 103 and I am sitting in my retail store.  This where I have been since my last posting.  Between the retail store, eBay, and working at my regular job at Joann Fabric and Crafts I have so busy that honestly posting a blog has been the last thing on my mind.

So now with a small break in the action and I time to breath I return to the keyboard and Blogger for a small posting.

July 3rd is the full moon and I will be doing a ritual to send some wishes out for fulfillment from our wishing bowl in our store.  This is something I am going to be doing every month, as long as someone adds a wish to the bowl.

I have found a wonderful new/used drum while wandering the grounds of the flea market where our store is at.  It is well used but sounds wonderful.  Now I just need to practice and get some rhythms under me.

As I get the chance I will continue to post.  I am planning on working on some of the letter I have missed in the Pagan Blog Project.  So look for those.  I am also going to be cross posting on our new collaborative blog called, The Three Witches of the Wayward Broom.  No posts there yet but soon there will be.

Until next time.

Blessings and Blessed Be.

Cainwyne Ravenheart

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