Sunday, August 19, 2012

eBay’s Ban–Get a grip people.

It is quite interesting how much of a shit storm this eBay change has stirred up.  I have been finding reports from the UK and almost every national new agency.  I think most of it comes from some misinformed people crying "discrimination" and "hate" and "anti-Pagan".
Anti Pagan
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I am at a loss on why so many people are so quick to jump on the discrimination bandwagon.  I have even seen some discussions that mention the removal of religious freedoms.
How is this the case?  This change in eBay's listing policies only means that a person cannot sell an intangible item such as spellcasting services.  It does not mean that all Pagan items are going to be banned.  The part on Divination services will have to be worked out in the future.  I do agree that some of those practitioners deserve to be on eBay.
As I said before, I sell on eBay.  I sell the stuff that is NOT getting the boot.  For that I am happy.  I do not think that this is the prelude to the powers that be removing all things Pagan, Wiccan, or Witch-y from the endless pages of stuff to buy on eBay.  Those that believe so need to take a breath and put away the pitchforks.
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I also believe some of the problems stems from the media and their headlines.
Examples include:
eBay Bans Sale Of Magic Spells, Potions And Other Witchcraft - The Huffington Post
The last part being the problem, "Other Witchcraft".  This is what is causing so many to assume that all Pagan items will be removed.
A more accurate headline comes from the Daily Mail out the UK.
“Auction site eBay bans sale of magic potions, spells, curses and advice books in bid to stop charlatans”
Read more:

Examples of what is not going to be allowed come August 30th.


Of course it is.


Yea I got nothing.

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Have you seen some of the Goddesses?  Size zero they are not.

What will be staying.

Celtic Brass Cauldron Pagan Cerridwen Wiccan Witchcraft Ritual

Centering Ritual Kit Pagan Wiccan Witchcraft

Goddess Athame with Sheath Ritual Tool Pagan Wiccan Witch Witchcraft

I ask that if you do happen to get into a conversation about this with those in the community or anywhere else for that matter be sure to give accurate information.
This is not an attack on the Pagan community nor it is an attack on religion or the freedom associated with it.


  1. Personally, I like your take on this issue, and am glad that they are banning some of these items. I think that it is the people who are selling the "penis enlargement spell" give pagans a bad name. I know I go on eBay, and see something like this, and laugh, but I'm sure there are people out there who think that a spell they buy online will solve all their problems, and when it doesn't, its "Stupid Pagans took my money, and didn't fix the problem." Again, just my opinion.

  2. I agree. I am so sick of these "snake oil" selling pagans. Personally, I don't think that some of this stuff should be available to just anyone because there is a certain amount of knowledge one should have before using. It should be a little harder than logging into ebay to obtain magical supplies. Granted - many of these products are harmless on their own, but still - magic is an art to be learned over time. Just my opinion.

  3. Well, I saw the news story and immediately called ebay customer service to get the skinny.

    The rep I spoke with stated that ALL (yes, all) items that promote the supernatural, occultism, hexes, charms, potions, conjuring, wizardry, black magic, metaphysics, and witchcraft would be prohibited after 8/30/12. This is verbatim.

    I asked him to clarify and he read an internal memo that stated the policy.

    Hmmm. I enquired whether rosaries, holy water, st. christopher medallions, holy candles or other mainstream religious items would be banned and he replied they would still be available in the religion section.

    I called back today and received the same answer from another rep.

    I have tried to get ebay to send me an email clarifying the new policy, but the company no longer utilizes email. It's all phone correspondence now.

    So no. It is not just the charlatans being taken to task, but all pagan items. How far the ban will actually be implemented is yet-to-be-determined.

    I wish that this was simply a case of miscommunication, but it appears that in fact Ebay will be implementing the ban on supernatural items, not just "intangible" services.

    I am just as sick of the charlatans and snake oil peddlers as you, they give good pagans a bad rap, but this policy and the way it is worded is in fact discriminatory.

  4. What people don't understand is that any material which can be used to hate or to cheat or to scam anyone is not the one to blame but a person who involved in that act so banning of anything used in magic spells either by pagan or anyone else can not help but sometime when we get hurt, we tend to jump into conclusions which can hurt others