Sunday, April 24, 2016

Creating a Ritual

In this blog post I will outline the steps for creating a ritual. This will only go up to the point right before the circle is cast to start the ritual.

This was past to me while I was in coven studying Wicca. It is not limited to Wiccan though.

Lets get started.

Several Weeks Before The Ritual

1. Meet with the others who will be involved in the ritual. This will be those in the community or coven members.
2. Come to an agreement about what the intent of the ritual will be and come up with a general outline.
3. Determine the gathering time and the ritual start time. The gathering time should be at least 2 hours prior to the actual ritual start to go over any fine points.
4. Write out the parts that members need to have memorized if that is going to be required.
5. Select the chants; choose the times for drumming; determine who will lead the chants and the dance.
6. The list says to appoint a High Priest and High Priestess, if you are in coven these will already be in place. Not every ritual will require the presence of a High Priest or High Priestess.
7. Create a list of supplies that will be needed for the ritual. Assign who will be getting which items. Examples - Candles, Incense, Offerings, etc.
8. Decide on the cakes and ale.
9. Determine who will be invited to the ritual and how you will invite them and tell them about the ritual. Who is invited will be determined by what kind of ritual it is. Many covens keep the Samhain rituals private because of the personal nature of connecting with the dead. Usually the best public rituals are the Esbats - Full Moon and New/Dark Moon.
10. Determine if special ritual clothing, jewelry, and tools will be required by attendees. This is also where you will determine if the ritual will be skyclad. This will also influence the previous step.
11. Finally - Start memorizing the ritual if that is required.

One Week Before The Ritual

1. Check in with the other members, go over the outline and strengthen any parts that need it.
2. Memorize more. (if required)
3. Find and clean all your ritual clothing, jewelry, and tools.
4. Determine what food you will be bringing to the potluck if there is one.
5. Find some time each day to meditate on the season, the Sabbat, the God and Goddess, and the reason for the ritual.

Preparation - Day Of The Ritual

1. For yourself:
  a. Pack everything
  b. Prepare food
  c. Take a ritual bath
  d. Arrive at the ritual space at the appointed time.

2. For the space:
  a. Mundanely clean the space and make it safe.
  b. Turn off audible distractions and cover up the visible ones.
  c. Set up altar, quarter markers, and lighting.
  d. Prepare cakes and ale.
  e. Smudge and Asperger the space.

3. For the participants:
  a. Greet the participants, tell them where to put things.
  b. Just before the ritual begins, explain the intent and structure of the ritual, teach the chants, answer questions. Be sure to silence all cellphones (vibrate is not advised because it can still be audible).
  c. Arrange for seating for those who need it.
  d. After the participants have been lined up to enter through the desired "gate", smudge, Asperger, and/or anoint with the desired oil.

This is just one of many possible ways to create a ritual. A "solitary" practitioner won't need so many steps and some times a spontaneous ritual is just fine.

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